Visionary investments begin with possibility and translate into returns.

An investment partnership is founded on trust and a shared vision for a successful return. At Poudre Valley Capital, we acknowledge the confidence our clients place in us—and we work tirelessly to ensure that confidence is reciprocated with insightful, effective decision-making.

How we invest:

We implement a hands-on approach to all investments by working side-by-side with operators. We maintain immediate proximity to industry and are constantly developing strong business relationships in the region. We offer guidance and planning for investors who are unfamiliar with participating in our targeted markets. We make informed, confident decisions that align with investors’ objectives and generate sustainable returns. We focus on companies that will make a positive contribution to society.

Our investment criteria:

  1. Opportunities within the lower middle market
  2. Focus on energy, telecommunications, environmental, and natural resource investments
  3. Specialized interest in renewables, smart grid, power generation / delivery, energy efficiency solutions, water centric opportunities, oil and gas infrastructure / services, and environmental infrastructure / services
  4. Specific focus on Western geography
  5. Scalable solutions with attractive asset profiles and cash flow generation potential